Wheel Bearing Service


Wheel Bearings are the means by which axles and wheels are supported and able to turn freely, with minimum friction and whilst simultaneously carrying the entire weight of the vehicle.

They are therefore a critical element of your car's drivetrain and a Wheel bearing failure can be catastrophic, as it will usually result in the axle or wheel collapsing and detaching from the car. Because wheel bearings are usually hidden, it is often a forgotten component in the vehicle, so proper maintenance and regular inspection is important.

If you are unaware of any unusual noises or symptoms, be sure to alert the team at Brendale Automotive in Brendale so they can investigate thoroughly.

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Why work with Brendale Automotive:

  • Peace of mind: Not only are we a Repco Authorised Service Centre, but we have a combined 20 years of experience on our team. From large jobs to small, you know you are in good hands with our mechanics.
  • Ongoing Training: As part of the Repco family, our mechanics are offered training seminars and received service bulletins about the latest diagnostic equipment and vehicle upgrades.
  • Friendly Service: We are not just a shop, but a locally owned and operated community of mechanics who are looking out for our neighbours.

Our Wheel Bearing Services include:

  • Repacking and adjustment of wheel bearings (where applicable)
  • Hub Assembly Repairs and Replacement
  • Bearing replacement

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Wheel Bearing Failure: Symptoms and Causes

The wheels on your vehicle need to operate in a smooth manner, regardless of surfaces and speeds. When there is damage to the wheel bearings, the drive is no longer smooth as friction will build up. This friction can then break down the wheel bearings and cause wear and tear on the axle.

Brendale Automotive can give you peace of mind by advising you what is causing the loud noise or vibration in your vehicle. It may be time to come in and see our mechanics if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Vibrations felt in the foot pedals
  • Vibration in the floor above the wheels
  • Pulling of the car to one side
  • Loud noise coming from the tyres

Possible causes of these symptoms:

  • Damaged or leaking seal on the wheel bearings
  • Issues with the hub assembly
  • Lack of grease on the wheel bearings

For wheel bearing replacements and routine maintenance in and around Brendale contact our team at Brendale Automotive.

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