Everyone wants to maintain a safe car for themselves and their family but often it's the little things, like keeping an eye on your tyre's tread wear, that go overlooked. Your tyre's treads need to be big enough to allow water to be channelled out from underneath the tyre and prevent the car from sliding over a wet road. If you haven't driven in the wet for a while you might not notice your lack of tread until it's too late so make sure you keep an eye on your tyres and replace them when they need it.

Bring your car into Brendale Automotive for all your tyre needs. We are the local qualified mechanics in Brendale and we'll always provide you a high quality service and greet you with a smile.

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Tyre services we offer include:

  • New Tyres & Fittings
  • Inspections
  • Repairs if possible

While your tyres might look simple, they're actually quite a sophisticated product. Here are some of the major parts:

  • Wheel - this isn't actually part of the tyre but is the bit that is attached to your car. The tyre fits onto the wheel.
  • Bead - this connects the tyre to the wheel's rim. It's made of hard rubber that's reinforced with wire.
  • Sidewall - the side of the tyre that connects the bead to the 'tread' of the tyre.
  • Shoulder - the edge of the tread, connecting to the sidewall.
  • Schrader valve - lets air in and out of tyre when the pin is pushed in.
  • Valve stem - stem of rubber than holds the valve and connects to the tyre's sidewall.
  • Tread - the raised parts of the tyre that come in contact with the road.
  • Tread void - the areas in between the treads. Tread voids and other channels are actually very important as they provide and avenue to take any water from underneath the tyre where it can seriously affect grip with the road.

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