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Ignition system and car starting issues can stem from burnt out alternators to faulty spark plugs to dead batteries. No matter what the cause, your day comes to a halt when your car will not take you where you need to go. From a new battery to a new alternator, the mechanics at your local Repco Authorised Service Centre in Brendale, Brisbane will get your car up and running in no time!

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Why Work With Brendale Automotive

  • Peace of Mind: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre we offer the friendly local service that you count on with the peace of mind of the Repco Nationwide Warranty.
  • Great Mechanics: Our team is at the top of their game. The mechanics in our shop are kept up to date on the latest services, parts and tools thanks to the Repco ongoing training seminars and service bulletins.
  • Great Value: As a local business, we look out for our community. We strive to bring the best service at the best price to those in our neighbourhood.

Ignition System Services at Brendale Automotive

  • Battery Terminal Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Alternator Overhaul
  • Alternator Repair
  • Compression Testing
  • Distributer Cap Replacement
  • Distributerless Ignition Service
  • Ignition System Overhaul
  • Ignition Lead Replacement
  • Ignition Switch Replacement
  • Ignition Signal Sensor Adjustment
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • High Voltage Coil Lead Replacement
  • Ignition Module Replacement
  • Spark Plug Testing
  • Vacuum Advance Timing Adjustment
  • Centrifugal Advance Timing Adjustment
  • Battery Cleaning
  • Computer Scan Tool Diagnosis
  • Scope Diagnosis and Testing

Ignition Systems: Common Symptoms and Causes

The ignition system is what is responsible for making the engine turn over and starting the car. Without this system you could be sitting in the driver's seat with nowhere to go. When your vehicle will not start, some of these culprits may be to blame:

  • Alternator: Responsible for keeping the battery charged when the car is running.
  • High Tension Ignition Leads provide the connection between the ignition coil and the spark plug.
  • Ignition Coil: Provides high tension voltage to the spark plug for the spark to make the engine run.
  • Spark plugs, the vital part in the system often overlooked. All cars have different change intervals to ensure trouble free ignition systems.

For ignition system services, make an appointment with Brendale Automotive today!

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